About Us—AMBS History and Executive Bios

AMBS was established in 1988 with one mission:
Offer healthcare providers an affordable, outsourced experienced billing staff dedicated solely to medical billing, cash flow success, and the understanding of the ever moving target of healthcare insurance.

AMBS's foundation is from a hands-on understanding of the healthcare challenges that are faced on a daily basis. In the late 1980s, the founder of AMBS recognized very quickly while consulting with a family member's practice, that the business/accounting knowledge required to successfully operate a healthcare practice, was drastically lacking. Thus, AMBS was created with a strong background of business, operational experience, and healthcare administration - to help those healthcare providers, get a better grasp of their practice.

Since it's inception in West Virginia, AMBS is still family owned, with two other office locations and has grown with trusting clients throughout the United States.

Bryan K. Towns—President & Founder

In 1988, while still in college, he founded AMBS. In 1990, Mr. Towns graduated from West Virginia University, with a B.S. in Business Administration to add to his degree in Engineering. With deeply rooted healthcare experience, he co-founded Exemplar Medical Group - a Multi-Specialty Clinic serving numerous underserved regions of N. Central West Virginia. Mr. Towns went on to found DSI, Inc., a healthcare collections agency, which was an obvious addition to the healthcare services offered by Mr. Towns over the years to his clients. Mr. Towns is a standing Member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and on the board of directors of many healthcare organizations.

Gregory B. Jones—Vice President & Co-Founder

Greg has more than two decades of experience in the business process outsourcing (BPO) space for the healthcare and technology industries. Greg was one of the founding partners for two multi-million dollar BPO firms that supported healthcare practices nationwide, as well as a co-founder for multi-specialty healthcare practices in underserved markets in the Mid-Atlantic. Mr. Jones is leading AMBS’s Client Services group, ensuring that their clients are achieving their goals.

Lisa Nestor—Vice President of Operations

Mrs. Nestor is a 1989 B.S. graduate of Rutledge College. She spent over 6 years working with third party insurance administrators, processing and managing within the claims operations. Mrs. Nestor joined AMBS in 1997, and has provided an unequaled level of experience from all fronts. All Operational Teams report directly to her.